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Ray贸n Bracelet

Enter if you Dare 馃憖 | Fluorite Barrels & Black Tourmaline bead bracelet Men 10mm 2A+

Enter if you Dare 馃憖 | Fluorite Barrels & Black Tourmaline bead bracelet Men 10mm 2A+

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This is a beautiful, 2A+ Fluorite Barrels + Smooth Black Tourmaline bead bracelet on stretch. The bracelets are made with Fluorite Barrels 10mm and Black Tourmaline 8mm size beads.

The bracelets is tailored to fit most men size wrist. The Fluorite and the Black Tourmaline beads are 100% NATURAL, UNHEATED with NO DYES or TREATMENT. The quality of the Fluorite is incredible; its color and rainbow striation is phenomenal. When combined with the Black Tourmaline, the finished product feels gemmy, and the overall appearance becomes a show-stopper. The Fluorite + Black Tourmaline together is one of four most powerful and beneficial gem combinations known. In my experience, Black Tourmaline amplifies confidence, and it tends to strengthen the Aura. It bounces off evil eyes or when someone wishes you wrong, and you don't carry the weight or duel on the issue of someone having intended you wrong.聽 Fluorite strengths acuity, lucidity, clarity, and the ability start and finish a project with-out being distracted; it's what we call focus.聽 When worn together, this combination amplifies focus, lucidity, and creates a protective barrier. It's suppose to be a protective combination that takes care of all harmful rays as well. (X-Rays, Neutrinos, and low frequencies as 5G, and Electrical.) It's true that Black Tourmaline is a natural Piezoelectric Crystal that generates electricity when struck or hit. Not many things can do that.

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