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Rayón Bracelet

Mesmerizing! Azurite Malachite bead bracelet for Men 8mm (Mexico)

Mesmerizing! Azurite Malachite bead bracelet for Men 8mm (Mexico)

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This is a 100% Natural Azurite & Malachite bracelet beaded on stretch. The bracelets are made with 8mm size beads. 
The Azurite Malachite bead is completely natural with NO DYES and NO TREATMENT, however an enamel coating is used to protects the beads. Azurite Malachite is on the low end of the hardness scale, and it requires a stabilizer. It's a soft stone in its natural state. The striking colors for this material are black, blues, and greens. It has good weight, and feels incredibly earthy.

Milpillas Mine in Mexico is know to supply the FINEST Brochantite in the world. Brochantite is the crystalized form of (Royal Blue) Azurite. If you have highly crystalized Azurite, then Azurite Malachite is nearby. The combination of both, Azurite and Malachite is evenly distributed on these beads with much being held together by the black matrix material. Mining the material is more of carefully removing the matrix as found. The mines are actually natural caves, crevices, and ground opening; no machinery is used.

These bracelet are strung on durable stretch cord.

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